Worship Leader Chronicles – Part 1

Let me start by saying that worship for me is like breathing. When I lead worship, there is a power that I feel just from being in the presence of my father and hearing Him speak to me. I pray for a divine encounter that you will discover this power in worship as I have because it is for everyone.

I was exploring on YouTube a few weeks ago and discovered several groups of worshippers who blew my mind. There are mornings on the train to work, I am screaming inside because these people are hitting the spot that I can barely control myself.

One of my favorites so far is WorshipMob, a group that simply shares the love of Jesus through Worship. It was founded by Colorado Springs worship leaders Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth. This began as a weekly gathering between two local worship teams and soon included about 30 local churches.

I have had this same dream for New Jersey for a long time. They start singing and you feel God in that moment, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Here’s a link to one of their worship sessions, it’s a beautiful medley of Endless Hallelujah by Cory Asbury, Never Going Back by United Pursuit and Lover of my Soul by Jonathan McReynolds, let me know what you think.






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  1. Tayo Avatar

    Only one moment to live this life with one voice, singing an endless Alleluyah! oh Lord I love you so! Thank you for this beautiful piece! I could never stop worshipping! I could sing of your love forever!!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      That is my favorite part of that song! Endless halleluyah!!!

  2. Genevieve Avatar

    I love how you say… I feel the power of his presence in worship. Praise God for letting loose in his presence. Your passion for God’s presence is palpable… May God take you higher and higher

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Amen, thanks so much. I do not take that prayer lightly.

  3. Genevieve Avatar

    Your passion for the presence of God in worship is energizing! I pray for a greater measure of his anointing upon your life!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan


  4. Genevieve Avatar

    Your passion for the presence of God in worship is energizing! I pray for a greater measure of his anointing upon your life

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Amen! You had a part in that in the early days… remember how I used to just look at you during praise and it was like just me and you before God in those early days. You and DT were the first ones that knew where God was taking me before I even recognized it so thank you for obeying God on my behalf.

  5. Dayo Avatar

    There’s this African American guy that did a spoken word piece in the middle of one of their very first video I ever saw. I legit had goose pimples….

    Nice write up Sis G… More and more grace IJN

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Thanks Dayo!!!

  6. Kehinde O Avatar
    Kehinde O

    Endless worship/hallelujah is what we have been created for. Awesome!! I will forever worship my maker, lover of my soul

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan


  7. Toks A Avatar
    Toks A

    Thanks Sis G for this write-up! I’ve been blessed, inspired and challenged by your ministrations over the years. I love the easy you love Jesus: with reckless abandon!
    I always adored the harmony between them and how they just “worship” in sincerity, with simplicity! There’s only a moment to live this life, why not in endless hallelujah- where heaven and earth melt into 1, where there’s no division in the church and we’re all one. This is what Christ died and rose for!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      That song! There’s only a moment to live this life, why not in endless hallelujah. The beauty of that lyric says it all. Endless halleluyah… I’m glad this blessed you.

  8. Kence Avatar

    So… I never heard the woman before this but that young man sings So will I and his voice is so beautiful!! I love this idea for NJ!!! I can’t wait for the kick off of the sessions! Lowkey i considered doing an event called “Transitions” where different people would sing a song and the challenge is to transition into the next song smoothly. It would be a great time of worship between people from different churches and such.

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      His name is Osby Berry and the first time I listened to his version of the song, I almost started to cry on the train! That’s how deep and connected it made you feel to God! I definitely want to do that in NJ so maybe you can work with me on that.

  9. Hephzibah Akintobi Avatar
    Hephzibah Akintobi

    Sometimes words can not Express how I feel in Gods presence. Its indescribable but loving, gentle, soft, timeless,ageless joy… This is Beautiful Sis, more grace to fulfill all that God has inspire you to do. I trust the lover of my soul….

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Amen to God’s inspiration!!!! Yes, sometimes you can’t express it that you burst out in tears or go on your knees because being in God’s is a humbling experience. God bless you, sis!

  10. Nneoma Okoronkwo Avatar
    Nneoma Okoronkwo

    Yaaas!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾. So proud of you with this blog. Can’t wait for the more that is to come!

    Absolutely love worshipmob.. Check out the mashup with “What a beautiful name”, “Fill me up” and “Miracles” if you haven’t listened to it already. Upperroom worship is another group I listen to frequently.

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      I did listen to that one too! Trust me WorshipMob is one of the best when it comes to this! I’m going sharing some upper room worship in this series so watch out for it.

  11. Oge Avatar

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this piece aunty G. I have listened to WM for a while now and I can totally relate. Worship is such a powerful communicator though. To see the face of God when He hears our worship must be out of this world.

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Thanks for reading, Oge!!!!! WorshipMob is pure annointed worship, hands down!!!

  12. Fola Avatar

    There’s no way one can go wrong on ‘true worship’ – worship that oozes out from a surrendered heart. It’s the core purpose of all creatures… let all that have breath praise the Lord! Ore, thanks for sharing and living the vision, may multitude come to Christ and be saved via this platform and may you be charged daily by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name… Keep the fire burning!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Yes!!! No going wrong with true worship. Fola, to worship with a surrendered heart is to see God move radically in our life. A surrendered heart keeps you in sync with the father and His will for your life. There is nothing more precious. Thanks for commenting!!!

  13. Gecch Avatar

    Thanks for sharing Sis. I love most of these worship singers, especially Jonathan McReynolds and of course You!!!! 🙌🏼 Thank God the amazing gift He has given you. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Yessss!!!!!! Jonathan McReynolds is the man!!!!! Thank you Gecch!!!!!

  14. Ananeika Graham-Pankey Avatar

    I Truly love worship…. And you could never ever go wrong with being intimate with God… The Lord knows your heart and I pray he continues to use… You are a true blessing…

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      You could never go wrong with worship!!! Thanks for reading Ananeika!!!

  15. Sunday Dosunmu Avatar
    Sunday Dosunmu

    Dear sis Gladys I perceive strongly that GOD is using this platform to start a fire that burns so wildly and turn the hearts of many globally to TRUE WORSHIP. Yes true worship….this is lacking in so many quarters today. Worship that transcends the walls of the church; worship that instills a culture and lifestyle that indeed speaks of one that has definitely been in fellowship with the LORD. Thank you for yielding to the Lord…

  16. Colli Avatar

    Hello Gladys. You Know What happened with Garret Chynoweth?

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      No, I don’t. I pray all is well?

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