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  • Untitled post 1345

    Happy new year!  It’s 2022 and we made it despite Covid-19! Despite the Delta and Omicron variants.  I caught it towards the end of December and men, I would not wish it on my enemy!  So, thank God for life and thank God for the vaccines.  When you hear the words ‘Level up’, what does […]

  • God, Me and 2020…

    God, Me and 2020…

    I remember the lockdown went into effect in NJ on March 23, one day after my worship live-stream.  I have had my own share of anger which then turned to fear and almost depression to the point where I was just over it!  Just over Covid, like done! The one thing that has kept me […]

  • Freedom From Your Limitations: A Chat with Dr. Margaret Alabi

    Freedom From Your Limitations: A Chat with Dr. Margaret Alabi

    Hello people! So, since my last post I have been waiting for clarity from the Lord on my next steps especially in this COVID era. As the days went by, it became clearer that I was going in the ‘talk lane’ with the blog. Then, came the struggle of what do I call it, and […]

  • Trust, Your Place of Rest

    Trust, Your Place of Rest

    So, this year’s annual Agape retreat was one where I did not concentrate on myself and I got to understand why on the last day. If you read my other posts,  you may have come across my explaining how sometimes as a worship leader; God will make you feel what others are feeling prior to […]

  • Leaps and Bounds

    Leaps and Bounds

    The one prayer I said when I resuscitated my blog this year was that I did not just want to write for the sake of writing. It was that whatever topic I wrote about would have an impact on my targeted audience. This became more serious for me when I got the sense that through […]

  • God’s Grace in Motion

    God’s Grace in Motion

    When you hear the word ‘Grace’, what do you think? Let us pause here… The grace of God, unmerited favor, something you do not necessarily deserve but God gives it to you anyway. I am a product of Grace; I believe this so much I had a t-shirt made! You see that is my story; […]

  • Why Am I Unsettled?

    Why Am I Unsettled?

    Why do I feel so unsettled in my spirit? I sit here trying to understand it.  It is not a feeling of failure and I am very sure it is not depression. So that’s ruled out. I’m just unhappy and feeling unfulfilled; at least those are the two words I can attribute to it. So, […]

  • No More Cycles

    No More Cycles

    Picture this – you were doing so well; reading the bible, praying, reading books and my personal favorite – listening to playlists. You have them at your fingertips, ready to go.  When you feel a dip in your spirit, all you need is to go to your laptop or phone and press play. Why then […]

  • Worship not worry and continuously praise…

    Worship not worry and continuously praise…

    I want to talk about anxiety on this post.  There’s a lot of that going around. Everyone gets anxious; the difference between the ones who overcome and the ones who don’t is that the latter knows where their strength is and who to run to when it gets overwhelming and out of control. I found […]

  • Worship Leader Chronicles – Part 1

    Worship Leader Chronicles – Part 1

    Let me start by saying that worship for me is like breathing. When I lead worship, there is a power that I feel just from being in the presence of my father and hearing Him speak to me. I pray for a divine encounter that you will discover this power in worship as I have […]