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  • A Worshipper’s Heart

    A Worshipper’s Heart

    Worship should be an intimate experience between us and God, yet we don’t always experience that intimacy. You see worship is so much more than a song; it is much more than whether it moves you or not and it is certainly deeper than feelings. There are times I don’t want to worship, and I […]

  • Genevieve Kumapley – Labels Don’t Define You

    Genevieve Kumapley – Labels Don’t Define You

    This God Conversations Episode with Dr. Genevieve Kumapley was a beautifully explosive one! My goodness, 1 could barely stay in my seat for the entire episode. One question I asked her was what she would say to people who were feeling confused and frustrated about this whole Covid situation? Those people who are frustrated because […]

  • Vision


    This session of the Conversation Series was absolutely amazing.  (Full video is on my youtube channel) I am still chewing on the conversation and even got a better understanding of that saying – ‘When God gives a vision, He brings provision. Some of us have been stuck on thinking that provision is purely financial but […]

  • Worship not worry and continuously praise…

    Worship not worry and continuously praise…

    I want to talk about anxiety on this post.  There’s a lot of that going around. Everyone gets anxious; the difference between the ones who overcome and the ones who don’t is that the latter knows where their strength is and who to run to when it gets overwhelming and out of control. I found […]

  • The Worship Leader Chronicles – Part 2

    The Worship Leader Chronicles – Part 2

    5 Things I have learnt about being a Worship Leader If I asked you why you want to lead worship and your answer is ‘I love to sing’; I would ask you to go and think about it some more.  I’m not trying to be judgmental, please don’t get me wrong.  One of the purposes […]

  • Lover of my Soul…

    Lover of my Soul…

        One of the things I will be doing with this blog will be to review songs that personally “speak” or as we say in ‘church speak’ ministers to me.  On my entry last week, I wrote about making your heart connect with the lyrics of songs.  This applies to you if you are […]

  • I Will Worship – Travis Greene

    This is one of the worship ministers/artists I just started to follow. There is such an anointing on this man! One of the joys I have is seeing people passionately worship God. I love this song because the lyrics speak directly to the heart. It doesn’t matter what I go through, I will worship; I […]

  • What is worship to you?

    What is worship to you?

    For some incredible reason, I have been around the topic of worship all of this week.  Wednesday at bible study at my church Agape House of Worship and again on Friday at choir rehearsal with my beautiful group – Tehilla Generation and the same topic I have on this blog was the same question that […]

  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

    Welcome to Worship With Gladys. This is a vision I got late last year and I can’t believe it’s here finally but I am excited, blessed and most importantly humbled to share this experience with you as God takes us on this journey of discovery and coming back to the Heart of worship. Thank you […]