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  • What Are You Allowing to Limit You?

    What Are You Allowing to Limit You?

    Hey people, so a few weeks ago while doing some reading I came across a quote by Jerry Dunn – Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits.”  This got me thinking about my past.  You see for most of my life, where people saw this strong woman, I was at best a timid person. I […]

  • God’s Grace in Motion

    God’s Grace in Motion

    When you hear the word ‘Grace’, what do you think? Let us pause here… The grace of God, unmerited favor, something you do not necessarily deserve but God gives it to you anyway. I am a product of Grace; I believe this so much I had a t-shirt made! You see that is my story; […]

  • My Journey…

    My Journey…

    While my mom gave me a love of books, my dad gave the love of music.  I remember waking up on weekends to the sound of music playing.  There was always music and laughter. I have been leading worship for many years but it was not until 2015 that I began to hunger for something […]