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  • God, Me and 2020…

    God, Me and 2020…

    I remember the lockdown went into effect in NJ on March 23, one day after my worship live-stream.  I have had my own share of anger which then turned to fear and almost depression to the point where I was just over it!  Just over Covid, like done! The one thing that has kept me […]

  • How to have an Effective Devotional Time – Be Consistent

    Here is a video about how to have an effective devotional time with God. I share my journey from having a consistent devotion time to getting ‘busy’ to the point where it became less and less. These are tips that I used to get me back to being consistent again. I am praying this video […]

  • God Thoughts vs Every Other Thought

    This devotional was actually sparked by my friend Amin’s Whatsapp status. I kind of zeroed in on the part that said ‘what you fear you empower’. Full disclosure, I recorded this episode about a week ago and thought I’d share it today. 🙂 Have you ever wondered why thoughts are a big part of our […]

  • The Christian Life is a Daily Walk with God

    The Christian Life is a Daily Walk with God

    The christian life basically is a daily walk with God and it is the simplicity of it that Wole and I chatted about. This was absolutely one of my favorite conversations in the God Conversations series, hands down! We talked about other things but ultimately all of this conversation centered around this topic hence the […]

  • God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2

    God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2

    In this devotional, I talk to people who are busy comparing themselves to others because they feel like they keep looking at people’s progress and that just cripples them from progressing.  Stop, take a break, and watch this. I want to remind you on one hand and affirm some things on the hand… Bottom line, […]

  • God and our Emotional Well-Being – with Pastor Bimbo Lawore

    God and our Emotional Well-Being – with Pastor Bimbo Lawore

    One of the questions I asked Pastor Bimbo Lawore was which scripture she would consider one of her favorites. She had multiple and one of them happened to be one that I am personally stuck on in this season of my life and it is Proverbs 3:5-6. No matter how crazy things get, as soon […]