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    Welcome back, my friends!!! A quick question for you! What does it mean to have a fearless faith? I’ll go first! Fearless faith to me is throwing back what God has told me whether it be through prophecy or in prayer at what the enemy is trying to shake or break my faith. To throw it […]

  • A Worshipper’s Heart

    A Worshipper’s Heart

    Worship should be an intimate experience between us and God, yet we don’t always experience that intimacy. You see worship is so much more than a song; it is much more than whether it moves you or not and it is certainly deeper than feelings. There are times I don’t want to worship, and I […]

  • God, Me and 2020…

    God, Me and 2020…

    I remember the lockdown went into effect in NJ on March 23, one day after my worship live-stream.  I have had my own share of anger which then turned to fear and almost depression to the point where I was just over it!  Just over Covid, like done! The one thing that has kept me […]

  • How to Follow your Dreams with Pastor Jide Lawore

    How to Follow your Dreams with Pastor Jide Lawore

    In this video, we talk about the life of Joseph. Ironically, we are all Joseph. The truth is God has put dreams/aspirations on the inside of every one of us.  We in turn have a responsibility to walk/work in alignment with Him to follow instructions that come with them but what ends up happening is […]

  • How to have an Effective Devotional Time – Be Consistent

    Here is a video about how to have an effective devotional time with God. I share my journey from having a consistent devotion time to getting ‘busy’ to the point where it became less and less. These are tips that I used to get me back to being consistent again. I am praying this video […]