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One of the things I will be doing with this blog will be to review songs that personally “speak” or as we say in ‘church speak’ ministers to me.  On my entry last week, I wrote about making your heart connect with the lyrics of songs.  This applies to you if you are a worship leader, chorister or a congregant.  One practical way to really worship God in spirit and in truth as we see in John 4:24 is to think (meditate) on the songs you sing in worship or praise.  When you do that, the words are more meaningful. The way you listen to these songs will change your worship because the songs come alive.  You should try it; thank me later.

I picked Jonathan Mcreynolds’ Lover of my soul because I was personally drawn to this particular song from his last album.  Have you ever listened to a song or watched a movie that you just could not stop listening to or watching?  That is exactly what this song does for me! It doesn’t matter what I am doing, this song transports me into worship mode every time I listen to it.  Look at this chorus!!  It had me screaming inside all week!

Their human bones
Are as fragile as mine
I have my flaws
But they have the same kind
I was ashamed
Cause I couldn’t see
But grace says that they’re
In the same boat as me

What I lack, You are full of
Where I’m broken, You are whole
What I’m doubting, You are sure of
I’ll trust the lover, Lover of my soul

I’m not afraid
Of the arrows by day
nor the darkness that comes
When the sun rolls away
Lord you know that
My strength never lasts
You make up for
Every weakness I have

What I lack, You are full of
Where I’m broken, You are whole
What I’m doubting, You are sure of
I’ll trust the lover, Lover of my soul

What I confess, You will cover
What I let go, You’ll control
Lord my hope is, In no other
I’ll trust the lover, Lover of my soul

I did a research to find out the story behind this song and I didn’t find it. But I started to understand the more I listened to Jonathan’s songs.  His songs show the struggles we all encounter as Christians and how our faith helps us to overcome.  When you watch his videos, it’s almost like you are physically inside the hall especially with watching his live performances.

For me, Lover of My Soul reinforces God as my Comforter and my provider.  It gives me strength and confidence especially being reminded that everything that I lack, God is full of and He has it in abundance!  When I feel like I have no strength and the world is crashing down on me, I can run into His arms because He has strength to carry me. He has the capacity to hold me when I feel faint.  He has love for when me at those times I feel unloved.

The song captures what I feel in my moments of fragility and makes me realize being a Christian or child of God isn’t just a Sunday thing but an everyday walk and way of life.  And to successfully live that life, I must trust Him enough because when I let go, He will control all that concerns me and none of His words concerning me will fall to the ground!

Take a listen and let me know what you think!


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3 responses to “Lover of my Soul…”

  1. Adetola Avatar

    ❤❤also one of my favorite songs

  2. I am a Worship Leader. I was examining this song to share in worship service. It is beautiful and most fitting to draw the congregation into worship. What’s troubling for me however is the first stanza.

    Like you, I am seeking the story behind this song and was led to your blog.

    Who is he referring to when he says their bones? I was thinking at first Jesus speaking of human kind or the world, but there is no fault in Jesus. Is it him, the songwriter looking at others and seeing their weakness and considering himself also?

    1. I feel you and yes I think He sees himself in others, he’s just as weak as we are and only by returning to Jesus can we exchange that weakness for strength. Thank you so much for your comments. Means a lot!

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