I Did It…Take the Step, You Must!!!

So, I’ve had a business opportunity, I had been trying to make a decision on and I had to do research and ask questions to the point that I began to over-analyze to the point of anxiety.  I discovered the reason I didn’t want to go into this venture is because of all the leg work it would require.

The sales pitch and all that was frightening, ugh!!! I would have to speak to people and get them to buy my products and that made me anxious because ‘l don’t like talking? But guess what? Everyone who knows me know I love to talk, I am a talker!!! But I had somehow boxed myself into the mentality of ‘l don’t want to talk to make money, duh! Who does that?

I eventually got to the place where I just said to myself ‘you need to stop ‘punking out’ and make a decision. You are going to be a business owner whether you like it or not.  Remember, multiple streams of income?

You see, my pastor has been talking about the mindset of abundance for weeks.  I have heard him over and over talk abundance; that it isn’t going to come to you with your arms folded.  Money doesn’t respect you if you don’t respect it.  It doesn’t come to you unless you call for it.  You must work hard to bring your dream to life and you need to make money work for you.  Add that to my beautiful Dolapo, (CEO of DSucess Factor) who’s been stressing the millionaire mindset since the beginning of 2019.  So, I knew it was time to move.

So, on Monday, I started my own CBD Oil business as an affiliate for Hempworx.  The CBD industry is a large one and I realize I will need to talk to a lot of people to educate them on the benefits of CBD as opposed to what everyone thinks it is.  People hear hemp and automatically think marijuana, so there will be a need for education especially in the Nigerian community.  This move is so freeing that I started to wonder why I didn’t start before now but it’s all good. It will all work out in the end.

Funny thing is for someone who didn’t like to talk, I spent these last few weeks training pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses on a new software application we deployed at work and it went well, look at God!  I realized God kept giving me opportunities to actually stand in a room full of people to teach me and here I was saying I didn’t like talking. Lol.

But then yesterday, I woke up to my scripture of the day and that’s when it hit me. It was Mathew 11:28 – “Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.” Anxiety makes us weary and so unstable that we cannot stay quiet long enough to hear God direct us.  Anxiety will misdirect you and lead you away from your blessing.


So in my case, He just made me do over and over again, what I had convinced myself was a difficult task for me to do.  Just to show me that I can actually do what I am afraid of.  When I hear this sentence ‘JUST DO IT’, it has more meaning to me now because if you keep procrastinating, you rob yourself of so much opportunity.


You owe yourself to at least ‘look behind the curtain’ and see if it is something you can do or not.  Do your research, do you due diligence before you write off what could be opportunities.  We are so scared of what’s behind the curtain that we stay stagnant and before you know it, years have gone by and you are still in the same spot.  So, today ‘Just Do it’, take that step one at a time. God gives us so many chances, He adds the grace to our endeavors. We just have to trust Him and make the move!

As is custom on this blog, I leave you with this song – Lover of My Soul by Jonathan McReynolds. My favorite line in the song is ‘What I lack, you are full of’.  Let that sink in – what I lack e.g. strength, boldness, faith, vision and whatever else, God is full of. So, I will trust the lover of my soul.






4 responses to “I Did It…Take the Step, You Must!!!”

  1.  Avatar

    Great post! The first step is very important!

  2.  Avatar

    Great post! The first step is very important!

  3. Carol Lobban Avatar
    Carol Lobban

    This is truly timely. GOD bless the work of your Hands

  4. Remi Avatar

    Love the point you made about boxing yourself into a mentality that’s actually contrary to who you know yourself to be. Many a times, we let people’s perceptions or past experiences limit us in our goals and this is a great reminder for me to let go of the limiting mindset and just do it!

    Keep the nuggets coming!

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