God Thoughts vs Every Other Thought

This devotional was actually sparked by my friend Amin’s Whatsapp status. I kind of zeroed in on the part that said ‘what you fear you empower’. Full disclosure, I recorded this episode about a week ago and thought I’d share it today. 🙂

Have you ever wondered why thoughts are a big part of our lives?  It dawned on me that even though those thoughts come, nothing really happens unless we act on them. One way I personally deal with fear thoughts for example is to throw ‘God’ thoughts at them…

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3 responses to “God Thoughts vs Every Other Thought”

  1. TT Mensah Avatar
    TT Mensah

    I like the phrase, God thoughts, ” that on it’s own is already inspirational. Blessings

  2. Bimbola Lawore Avatar
    Bimbola Lawore

    The enemy will try to distract us from from encountering God and getting His thoughts into our head. I love what you “Walking with God with a Daily Encounter”! We must not settle for the enemy’s daily distraction!
    This is what is means to be vulnerable, God bless you sister Gladys for sharing your heart ❤️

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