God Has Better…. It Will End In Praise!

Last week, I was having what the kids call ‘a moment’. I was in my feelings’.  It was a long ‘moment’ because it spanned two days.  Let me explain – I commute from New Jersey to Long Island every week. That means one train to New York and another to Long Island and I swear NJTransit found a way to mess up every chance.

I missed my trains so I got late to appointments that I had fixed from the week before and then I was leaving the airport after dropping my husband off for an international flight and I got so lost coming out of Newark.  It took me almost an hour because Waze which I swear by decided to disappoint me bigly! It kept telling me to make a left when there was no left.

The next morning, another delightful encounter with NJTransit, imagine getting to Penn Station with only 5 minutes to spare to get to the LIRR track and again, we sit on the track until I miss my train.  How do you think I reacted?  Take a guess! A lot of head shaking, feet tapping the floor and a hint of woooosaaahs…. LOL!

Funny enough, my devotion that Wednesday morning was by Cora Jakes, and it asked the question ‘Who or What is the villain in your life’s story?’ The summary of it all was to identify where you are currently in the process to your promise. Sometimes our own emotional reactions to life be it the storms or the little complications that life may throw can be our worst villain.  In my case last week, it was only a delay and my reaction to it was a storm of emotions!

But, if I am to be honest; it wasn’t just that day that the train made me late, it was not the first time the trains have been late.  Why that reaction that day? I simply was not in sync with the Holy Spirit.  Story for another day. From prior experience, I know for a fact that our inner struggles can squeeze life out of us if we allow them. Other times, those obstacles in front of us look impossible to move because they look so big.

Anyway, by the time I got off my first train, I relaxed after I realized there was no point running to try to catch the next train.  I wasn’t going to make it so I took my time, went to the ATM, then McDonalds and got coffee and some donut sticks.  While waiting for my train to Mineola, Long Island, I had a check in my spirit and it was simply a reminder that nothing should have such power over me that I am an emotional wreck to the point that I can’t see straight due to anger.

My experience over those 2 days was by no means a storm but my reaction? Wow!!!  What I realized is ‘emotional reactions magnify problems’.  Meatloaf, one of my hubby’s favorite musicians said in one of his songs that ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are.’ Let me apply that same principle here, ‘Problems appear bigger when you go at them emotionally’.

Emotional reactions are devoid of sense and direction. You are dealing with things in anger; and possibly envy and shame.   It is a roller coaster of emotions due to your mind being completely messed up. Bottom line, you are completely irrational. Prayer is the last thing on your mind when it should have been the first.  If you can learn to control your emotions, you will spare yourself the pain of elevated stress levels which will lead to high blood pressure rising, headaches, migraine and the list goes on.

How did I get out of my 2-day ‘funk’?  After the Holy Spirit checked me, I put on one of my playlists and jammed all the way to Long Island.  By the time I walked off that 2nd train, I had a spring in my steps!  My 2 favorite songs that morning was While I’m waiting and Can’t live without your love by Travis Greene.

When things don’t go our way, our natural reaction is borne out of fear.   We dissolve into tears, then we get angry and do the ‘why me’ dance.  Then pity comes in and we entertain it and we hide from the people who are supposed to comfort and encourage us and that sends us into this spiral which can end in depression.

From experience, depression is very difficult to come out of.  It is like climbing out of a dark, deep hole.  I am intentional about not permitting it in my life. I would rather permit and trust God like King David advises in Psalm 37:5:

Give God the right to direct your life,
and as you trust him along the way,
you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!

I want to leave you with something this week… when you feel like getting all up in your feelings because ‘things are not going your way’, please remember and say this to yourself – God has better for me and this too will end up in praise!!!!! Say it with confidence, I’ve been there, I know and it works for me.  I just need to remind myself through prayer, meditation on His word and of course my worship. Here are the two songs from my playlist I mentioned earlier… I added one more, enjoy!


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  1. Dupe Avatar

    Wow wow wow. I can totally testify to this . One thing for sure is that a delay is not a denial. The scripture you highlighted is soo powerful
    Psalm 37:5:

    Give God the right to direct your life,
    and as you trust him along the way,
    you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly!

    I went ahead to actually pull up that bible chapter and read from verse 3-10 and something that stood out was that it doesn’t matter what life throws at us or what we may be facing but one thing that we know for a certain is that if we be still and commit everything (our entire life) to the most High, not holding anything back , He will do what needs to be done .

    Sis Gladys thank you for this blog and I thank God for using you to be a blessing.

    Very powerful!!!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      You are so right… I was just replying to Oge that God’s faithfulness in the past should always be our reference points for future worries because He didn’t fail then and He’s not about to start now! That’s become one of my favorite sayings that I throw at anxiety, it is so calming!!! Praise Jesus!!!!!

  2. Tolz Avatar

    OMG. Thanks sis for this. Truly blessed

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      I’m glad this blessed you! Happy birthday queen!!!!! May the lines continue to fall on your in pleasant places!!!!

  3. Ofon Avatar

    Sis Gladys, God is so real and really does love us. Thank you for this message. It is what I needed to hear today! I have been blessed by this message. I am giving God the right to direct my life. All of it, every area of my life and I am trusting him completely. God bless you Sis!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Sis! That scripture got me deep!!! Yes, we struggle but if we can just release it and focus on Him. The release alone brings peace, calm, joy which in turn allows us to hear Him direct our steps. I am more than convinced than I have ever been in my life that God is good!!! God is good, I am saying it louder for those in the back!!! God is good!!!!!

  4. Adesoye Avatar

    Such a great write up. Very relevant & timely. Yasss for “this too will end up in praise!!!!!” 🙌🏽 I love it & all of the songs are definitely some of my favs. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏾💕

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Thanks for reading Adesoye! Yes, no matter what it is, it will end in praise!

  5. Nneoma Avatar

    God has something better for me and this will end in praise! Need to say this to myself repeatedly. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      Yep, you have to speak these things into existence!

  6.  Avatar

    What my eyes can’t see, I still believe. Thanks for this expose`, very much needed. We take so many things out of context when we give in to our emotions rather than lean onto the Holy Spirit! So like you said, I try to use my past successes as a reference point to God’s faithfulness but sometimes, my faith just goes out the window!!! It’s well!

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar
      Gladys Osofisan

      I feel you and that is why we must keep holding on and not allow our faith to go out the window. We have to do whatever it takes. Continue to hold on.

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