God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2

In this devotional, I talk to people who are busy comparing themselves to others because they feel like they keep looking at people’s progress and that just cripples them from progressing.  Stop, take a break, and watch this. I want to remind you on one hand and affirm some things on the hand…

Bottom line, everything that you need to be the person God created you to be is already in your possession.  As a matter of fact, it was handed to you through the finished work of the cross.  Jesus paid the price, you only need to walk in that realization and see the endless possibilities in from you.

One more thing, stop comparing yourself to others… you are unique and you’ve got everything you need.



2 responses to “God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2”

  1. Princess Thomas Avatar
    Princess Thomas

    I’m so glad to be here ma’am. Frustrated and I know God’s intentional about me but I still want to remind my self. My Spirit knows this, my mind forgets.

    And so, I’m worshipping and sense there’s something for me online.

    Voila! God is using you to tell me again that He is intentional and meant every word He said.

    I am glad!

    Thank you.

    1. Gladys Osofisan Avatar

      Hi Princess,
      There is absolutely no need to be frustrated just always remember that there is nothing impossible with God as long as we trust in Him! Thanks for visiting1

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