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  • How to have an Effective Devotional Time – Be Consistent

    Here is a video about how to have an effective devotional time with God. I share my journey from having a consistent devotion time to getting ‘busy’ to the point where it became less and less. These are tips that I used to get me back to being consistent again. I am praying this video […]

  • God Thoughts vs Every Other Thought

    This devotional was actually sparked by my friend Amin’s Whatsapp status. I kind of zeroed in on the part that said ‘what you fear you empower’. Full disclosure, I recorded this episode about a week ago and thought I’d share it today. 🙂 Have you ever wondered why thoughts are a big part of our […]

  • God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2

    God Conversations with Gladys – Episode 2

    In this devotional, I talk to people who are busy comparing themselves to others because they feel like they keep looking at people’s progress and that just cripples them from progressing.  Stop, take a break, and watch this. I want to remind you on one hand and affirm some things on the hand… Bottom line, […]

  • God Conversations with Gladys – The Devotional Episode One

    Welcome! I am so excited that you are here!!! So, one of the things I have learned about walking with God is that when He gives you clarity on something, you must take action because action really is what births a vision and because, in all sincerity, inaction will only increase doubt. ⁣ When we […]

  • God Conversations with Gladys – The Devotional Bonus Episode

    What do you do when the holy spirit tells you ‘Don’t Pray in Panic?’ I responded to a particular situation in fear and that was His response to me. There is a scripture I was stuck on for a few months earlier this year – John 16: 23 -24. I have been reading that scripture […]