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    Welcome back, my friends!!! A quick question for you! What does it mean to have a fearless faith? I’ll go first! Fearless faith to me is throwing back what God has told me whether it be through prophecy or in prayer at what the enemy is trying to shake or break my faith. To throw it […]

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    Happy new year!  It’s 2022 and we made it despite Covid-19! Despite the Delta and Omicron variants.  I caught it towards the end of December and men, I would not wish it on my enemy!  So, thank God for life and thank God for the vaccines.  When you hear the words ‘Level up’, what does […]

  • A Worshipper’s Heart

    A Worshipper’s Heart

    Worship should be an intimate experience between us and God, yet we don’t always experience that intimacy. You see worship is so much more than a song; it is much more than whether it moves you or not and it is certainly deeper than feelings. There are times I don’t want to worship, and I […]

  • God, You & 2021

    God, You & 2021

    Hello 2021!  We are 15 days in, can you believe that? I must say in spite of us, and all of the confusion, chaos, anxieties, insecurities among everything else that 2020 threw at us; we are still standing and only by the grace of God! The biggest thing out of the last year for me […]

  • The Fullness of Worship

    The Fullness of Worship

    Worship started to evolve for me about 5 years ago.  Essentially, I began to get hungry for something more after I would lead worship at church.  It began with questions like ‘is this it?’  And those questions arose because I would feel incomplete or even like someone who ate but wasn’t completely full and yet […]

  • God, Me and 2020…

    God, Me and 2020…

    I remember the lockdown went into effect in NJ on March 23, one day after my worship live-stream.  I have had my own share of anger which then turned to fear and almost depression to the point where I was just over it!  Just over Covid, like done! The one thing that has kept me […]

  • The Christian Life is a Daily Walk with God

    The Christian Life is a Daily Walk with God

    The christian life basically is a daily walk with God and it is the simplicity of it that Wole and I chatted about. This was absolutely one of my favorite conversations in the God Conversations series, hands down! We talked about other things but ultimately all of this conversation centered around this topic hence the […]

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    One of the many reasons I love Steffany Gretzinger is the purity and strength of her lyrics. You listen and you know this girl has ‘soaked’ in the presence of God. ‘This Close’ featuring Chandler Moore(another favorite) is from her latest album and very powerful. Me, just sitting this morning, listening to this song; I […]

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    Feb 2020, what a month!  January ended on a high note, but I spent most of February in the most deflated state.  I felt so overwhelmed and inadequate!  I don’t remember ever getting to that point where I didn’t want to even go anywhere or see people that I knew would boost my spirits.  I […]

  • Worship with Gladys Livestream @ 6pm Today! (Ended)

    Worship with Gladys Livestream @ 6pm Today! (Ended)

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE ON FACEBOOK! WATCH LIVE ON INSTAGRAM Hi everyone!!! It’s been a minute. I am very excited today because we get to see a vision that God gave to me late 2019 into this new decade become reality today. I remember starting to pray about what the ‘WorshipWithGladys’ vision was going […]