Author: Gladys Osofisan

  • He’s Intentional About You!

    He’s Intentional About You!

    One night last month, I was unable to sleep. I just kept on tossing and turning and had to literally rebuke the devil at some point with ‘you will not steal my sleep!!!! So, now I am on my way to work the next day cranky and the allergies, oh God the allergies were dealing […]

  • I Will Worship – Travis Greene

    This is one of the worship ministers/artists I just started to follow. There is such an anointing on this man! One of the joys I have is seeing people passionately worship God. I love this song because the lyrics speak directly to the heart. It doesn’t matter what I go through, I will worship; I […]

  • What is worship to you?

    What is worship to you?

    For some incredible reason, I have been around the topic of worship all of this week.  Wednesday at bible study at my church Agape House of Worship and again on Friday at choir rehearsal with my beautiful group – Tehilla Generation and the same topic I have on this blog was the same question that […]

  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

    Welcome to Worship With Gladys. This is a vision I got late last year and I can’t believe it’s here finally but I am excited, blessed and most importantly humbled to share this experience with you as God takes us on this journey of discovery and coming back to the Heart of worship. Thank you […]

  • My Journey

    My Journey

    My worship journey started in Christ Chapel, Lagos and it has been a journey!!!  I fondly remember my friend Yinka telling me I had to join the choir (Faith For Now) and me shaking my head and saying an emphatic no!!!  He eventually told me they were holding an audition and I should try out, […]